Global Services

Global Education

One of the most important aspects of building a global community is giving young people and adults opportunities to understand and celebrate diversity. Spring helps people to develop cultural competencies and the key skills to collaborate with their peers around the world. From global curricula in camping and afterschool programs to international service-learning opportunities and partnerships, Spring Enrichment gives people the knowledge, experience and confidence to successfully interact in our increasingly globalized society.

Global community building begins with providing Spring Enrichment staff and volunteers the opportunity to grow as global leaders, both personally and professionally. Learn how global service-learning trips support cultural competencies and global connections for Spring Enrichment’s staff and volunteers.


Newcomer/Immigrant Engagement

Spring Enrichment was created by young people trying to navigate their way in a new city — far from family, friends and a familiar way of life. This premise has extended throughout our history. Welcoming and engaging newcomers continues today with Spring Enrichment across the United States offering people the integration support they need to better transition well into their new communities.

Through services such as refugee resettlement and adult education classes like English as a Second Language (ESL), the Spring Enrichments helps people to be self-reliant, productive and connected to the community.

Learn how Spring Enrichment helps newcomers transition into their new communities.