RTC Sports Season Schedule

RTC Athletic League

2019-2020 Tentative Schedule

Girls Volleyball                                          Boys Flag Football

August 10 – October 5                                 August 10 – October 5

Spring Enrichment Sponsored Fieldtrip

UH Women’s Volleyball Game                   UH Football Game

HBU Women’s Volleyball Game                 HBU Football Game

Girls Basketball                                           Boys Basketball

Oct 19- Feb 1                                              October 19- Feb 1

All-Star Saturday & Coaches game              All-Star Saturday & Coaches game

Dec 7, 2019                                                 December 14, 2019

Spring Enrichment Sponsored Fieldtrip

UH Women’s Basketball Game                   UH Men’s Basketball Game

HBU Women’s Basketball Game                 HBU Men’s basketball Game

Co-Ed Track and Field

Feb 15th

Feb 29th

March 14th

March 21st
Wacky Olympics / Picnic /
Staff/ Coaches/ Kids

Girls Soccer                                                Boys Soccer

April 11-May 23                                         April 11- May 23

All Star Saturday Co-Ed + Picnic May 9th

Spring Enrichment Sponsored Fieldtrip

UH Women’s Soccer Game                         UH Men’s Soccer Game

HBU Women’s Soccer Game                       HBU Men’s Soccer Game

Girls Various Sports and Life Skills Camp    Boys Various Sports and Life Skills Camp

Our 4 Major Sports + Life Skills lessons 4 hours including lunch

June 8-11 or June 15-18 (Mon-Thurs) 8-12 or 1-5

Single on location/ site camps with choice of life skill classes