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Spring Enrichment Clubs

We have 6 exciting activity areas offered at each Spring Enrichment site, we give school-age children the opportunities to flourish through enrichments that are not a part of their everyday curriculum:

With over 100 classes available we cover . . .Graphic circular charts vector 2 (2)

1. Performing Arts

2. Self-Empowerment

3. Academics

4. Fitness and Wellness

5. Media and Technology

6. Liberal Arts


Performing Arts: A program that focuses on developing children in the art of performing. Courses in performance training include singing, dancing, acting and stage performances. We will be putting on a play or dance in each semester as we always like to showcase the work our kids are doing.

Self Empowerment: All of our clubs and groups in this area support character-building behaviors such as honesty, helpfulness, respect, fairness, safety and problem solving combined with opportunities for children to take part in community projects. We can develop this program with a name related to the school mascot to help with the promotion of the program, the kids involved and the behaviors expected.* Because we see a parent or guardian everyday it is often easier to affect the behavior of kids through the mentorship of our teachers and coaches in conjuction with the child’s teacher and school administrative staff.

Academics: We encourage children to complete homework at SPRING, and provide them with time, supplies, support and an environment to be able to achieve this. In addition because we produce our classes as clubs our teachers/coaches are always stressing academic success in their classes.

Fitness and Wellness: Physical activity, health and nutrition, goal setting, relaxation and stress management all help children stay active and understand the value of good health and fitness.

Media and Technology: The bond between media and technology in today’s society opens the door of the world to all of us. Gaining an early understanding about how these two fields work together is one way to ensure that our kids are on the safest course in using the internet and media in the correct way as well as on a career course to some that can be financially and creatively rewarding. These clubs  give students an early look at the role of media and technology in our society and how they can use it to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Liberal Arts: All the things kids need to know. Reading, writing, publishing, cooking, gardening, etc. All made fun by presenting these clubs on their level. Highlighted by becoming a published author most of the students in publishing put their best foot forward. Eating a fruit or vegetable that you planted and nurtured is a fantastic experience for all of our participants as well as learning to prepare food and snacks for themselves and family is an exciting way to introduce them to healthy, life-long eating choices and better health.

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