Audio Engineering

The Audio Engineering Club

As new and exciting technologies arise in the music industry, training at music production and recording is becoming more and more crucial in order to be successful in this field. Producing audio in a studio is a complex endeavor that requires both technical and artistic skills. If you’ve already got an ear for music and sound, the only step left is to get the technical training needed to excel in this industry.

By joining this club you can start looking forward to career opportunities like audio engineer, audio/video mixer, boom operator, music editor, radio producer, television production engineer, post-production editor, and sound designer. The people that fill these positions are the foundation of the audio industry and with the right training, you could be a part of that!

As a music producer, sound engineer, or other recording arts professional, you could be creating, recording, editing, mixing, or manipulating sounds of all types in order to create hit songs, electronic music, movie soundtracks, radio commercials, and more.Click here for the registration form for Student Registration for any of Spring Enrichment’s Clubs.

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