Coaches Code

Coaches Code

1.        I will model exemplary behavior.

2.        I will make all kids feel as a valued member of the team.

3.        I will praise kids on both teams.

4.        I will be responsible for the behavior of my team.

5.        I will demonstrate through my actions and remarks sportsmanship and fair play.

6.        I will respond to an official’s decision in a dignified manner, both verbally and in my action.

7.        I will be familiar with the rules of the game.

8.        I will teach respect for he opponents both on and off the field.

9.        I will teach and foster positive human values.

10.       I will be cooperative, friendly, and considerate of my fellow coaches.

11.       I will adhere to the creed:    Social Skills Development First – – Winning Second.

12.       I will teach my kids the fundamental skills, strategies, and rules required of my sport.

Coaching Objectives

1.         To have fun – both you and your players.

2.        To help young people develop –

a.        Physically, by learning sports skills, improving physical conditioning, developing good health habits,and
avoiding injuries.

b.        Psychologically, by learning to control their emotions and to develop feelings of self worth.

c.        Socially, by learning how to cooperate in a competitive context and by learning appropriate standards of
behavior (sportsmanship).

3.       Teach young people how to lose and win gracefully.