Performance Training

It seems like everyone is doing something to get an edge on the competition. 

We have designed the most respected and comprehensive programs for the youth, high school, and collegiate athlete.  Each of our programs are individually designed for all sports, skill levels, and levels of competitive play.

In addition, all of our drills and exercises are both sport-specific, and position-specific. This means that we teach the athlete technique about their sport and position, not just how to jump high on a gym floor. Our coaches have experience from a variety of sports to allow us to provide our athletes the best possible training.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on the fact that our principal quality is our ability to accomplish all of this in a positive, motivating and exciting environment.

Performance Training Highlights

  • Speed – Proper running mechanics

  • Agility – Eliminate false step and improve lateral reaction

  • Power – Proper strength training and plyometrics

  • Conditioning – Sport-related conditioning to improve work capacity

  • Flexibility – Increasing joint and muscle range of motion and durability

Injury Prevention

  • Gait analysis – Identify areas of weakness and develop corrective strategies

  • Plex Pre-hab exercises – Improve areas of the body to help prevent injuries


  • Nutrition 101 – Understand how to fuel and hydrate the body to achieve peak performance

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Adult Training Programs – Some available as in-home| in-office programs


The Executive Program is a combination of programs based on the same training methodologies that we offer to our professional athletes. Taking your time and lifestyle into consideration, we evaluate your overall body composition, flexibility, strengths & weaknesses, past injuries, hobbies, interests, job requirements, and nutritional knowledge & experiences, and create a program that will give you the greatest opportunity to have more energy, live pain free, lose body fat, and live a healthier lifestyle.


Grind is not your traditional fitness program, rather its a program consisting of many drills and exercises from a variety of sports and adventures that will keep you always moving, while always keeping it fresh and fun. If a boot-camp fast-paced workout is to your liking, you’re going to love the Grind workouts


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