Non-Profit Launch Kit

Non-Profit Launch Kit

Q: How do I start a nonprofit organization?

A:  Starting a nonprofit organization can be an inspiring way to give back to your community and help those in need. However, it is important to understand all of the steps involved in this process before moving forward. Growing and sustaining a nonprofit may take years of effort and a great deal of determination.

The information provided here is intended to offer general guidance on how to form a nonprofit organization. Please note that specific steps may vary for each state, and we recommend the Non-Profit Launch Kit to help you get started and on your way to serving your community.


The Non-Profit Launch Kit Includes:

  1. Non-Profit Naming 
  2. Reserve Web Domain 
  3. Write and files Articles of Incorporation for SOS Texas  
  4. Obtain EIN# 
  5. Develop organizational Bylaws 
  6. Attend 3 Board Meetings
  7. Complete IRS Form 1023 w/ Attachments 
  8. Identify top 5 Donors through Donor Base Research – Initial Grant Writing Help!

The total cost of this service is only $800 broken into two payments of $400, one at the beginning of services and the second once the 1023 is completed.

Note: Client is responsible for the state filing of the Articles of Incorporation (usually $25) and the Federal Filing of IRS form 1023 ($850)

We currently have a 100% success rate at receiving the 501(c)3 status that’s needed to get you up and running.