We Want Spring

There are three major components to our after school program improving the educational environment:


1. We develop 100% buy-in from the students and this positively affects behavior, effort, and effectiveness of the student in the classroom. Being a part of a team and having a coach or additional teacher that is in charge of FUN creates an exciting dynamic that pushes students to achieve more and be leaders in their classrooms. The students compete in soccer games, perform at professional sports venues, host school pep rallies and talents shows for their peers.

2. We have parent or guardian contact on a daily basis. This is key in the development of the student. When a student understands that we are a part of the educational environment and are oftentimes the link from teacher to parent this also affects student behavior, effort and effectiveness in the classroom.

3. Our programs include classes that have a direct effect on the student population and school spirit. STAAR pep rallies, dances, plays, etc. to inspire the other students in the school to reach higher. We specialize in students with behavior issues by placing them in disciplined courses like martial arts and life-skills leadership classes.

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For more info on how to add Spring Enrichment to your environment please call us 713-594-4726 and we will gladly arrange a time to discuss options and opportunities with you. See brochure here



See below a mock schedule of what we will prepare for your location. You will see that each child can participate in 3 classes during the week, giving them the opportunity to explore their interests as well as their gifts and talents. With over 40 classes to offer this can make for an amazing array of classes that can serve kids of all ages and grade levels.